Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Woman To Woman

God grants us life and that life should consist of more than career achievement, security, financial gain or stability. Read more

All New Bible Studies

ECC is providing you with some key bible studies presented by Dr. Nicolas Ellen. He provides Bible Study outlines that are easy to read and easy to teach others. With Read more

Common Issues

As part of ECC course structure this guide dives into the resolution of conflict by addressing the issues from a biblical perspective Read more

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Welcome to the Expository Counseling Center

...where we are “Equipping Saints for Transformation.” This website is designed to help you find resources for spiritual growth in Jesus Christ and to develop in the knowledge and skill of Expository Counseling.  

Expository Counseling can be defined as using the Word of God (the Bible) within the context it was written  to provide solutions, and the application of those solutions to non organic, immaterial, spiritual, and what the world calls “psychological” or “mental disorder” problems in a precise, comprehensive and efficient manner, anticipating the salvation of sinners and the sanctification of saints as a result.

We offer videos, sermons, bible studies, books, workbooks and even basic training courses that we believe will help you grow in spiritual maturity and develop in Expository Counseling. We hope this website becomes an invaluable resource to you.

The Expository Counseling Center was founded by Dr. Nicolas Ellen and Dr. Venessa Ellen. If you would like more information about them you may read the attached biographies.

Thank you for visiting ECC. Please let us know how this website has helped or could help “Equip You for Transformation.”