Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Bible Studies

ECC is providing you with some key bible studies presented by Dr. Nicolas Ellen. He provides Bible Study outlines that are easy to read and easy to teach others. With these outlines you can give basic overviews or use at as spring board for deeper study on a topic. These Bible Studies were strategically chosen to provide Believers with practical helps for common problems. They were also chosen to provide Believers with some key tools to help one another grow in maturity in Jesus Christ. We are called as Believers to put off sin and put on right living according to the Person and Power of God that is at work within us. It is our desire that you would use these Bible Studies to enhance your spiritual growth and  the spiritual growth of others. You may use them in small groups, counseling sessions, or in any way you think would advance the Kingdom of God. May These sermons richly encourage and enlighten you.